Monday, November 29, 2010

The great blog migration.

After running this blog, and my identical wordpress blog for the last month, I have decided to retire this one.  Please keep up to date with my postings at my wordpress blog here.

Trent Chau Photography (Wordpress)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And finally there's Flickr.

Tiffany - Solar Storm
As of today this is the latest picture on my flickr stream

So many things we have to register for and post about on our blog for class, and I leave the best for last.  I've been a member of Flickr for about 4 years now.  Flickr has been an amazing marketing tool, and also research tool, and in return has brought back tons of work and also connections.  How can a simple image sharing website do that?  Because of the community back bone behind it is how.  My flickr account itself has over 2.7 million views on it since it's inception, and daily it creates over 10~15k views.  That's pretty darn cool.

So check out flickr and give it a gander, it's one of the best things going for photographers.

**note** So I didn't moderate the content on my flickr well, and I think someone complained to the flickr admins.  My account is considered moderate now so you have to have an account to check it out.  I'm not to concerned with it, and if someone did complain they are probably a jerk and this is my form of sticking it to them :)  Enjoy the site!

Tumblr Photographer Research #1 : Cory McBurnett


Bad ass picture by Cory McBurnett - Inspired by Ophelia Painting

I'll admit it from the get go, I cheated.  Cory is a friend, and this is his tumblr.  For Mr. Jones class we're suppose to research photographers we like and post about them.  Well why not research and post about someone you already know!  Cory is a bad ass.  Why is he a bad ass? Well time for a bullet list.
1) He's actually pretty big, he could destroy you with a punch.  That's bad ass.

2) He's pretty darn good with photoshop.  He has a series on flickr that shows a fusion of his photography skills mixed with photoshop to recreate a painting from day's of yonder.  That's bad ass.

3) Lastly Cory and I have shared a lot of the same models.  They tend to love him.  That's right the ladies love him.  That's totally bad ass.

Being that three rights can't make a wrong at all it's completely understandable why Cory should be the first tumblr photographer mentioned on this blog.  Check his tumblr and flickr out now!

Tumblr Photographer Research

Along with setting up a facebook account, flickr account, twitter account, blogspot/wordpress account, and heck even a gmail account, Mr. Jones is also asking us to research and I guess setup a tumblr account (I don't exactly know, wasn't at the class). So what exactly is Tumblr? To me it looks like a mixture of twitter and wordpress/blogspot. So in short it's pretty much blog diarrhea but in a more positive context. Instead of posting small 140 letter snippets like twitter, or rather lengthy post (like this one) on a blog, tumblr is the great in between that lets you write and show off your photography/graphic work. I think it's cool.
The weird part is my account was setup over a year ago, and I completely forgot about it. So cool! check it out.

Kuwait to ban SLR camera usage. That's interesting?

I read an interesting and in some ways disturbing article on The Guardian today about Kuwait Banning the use of SLR cameras in public. Seemingly the decision is based on the fact that
1) People are scared of large black devices pointed at them.
2) Since art isn't as aware in Kuwait, people don't understand the purpose of photography.
Personally I don't have enough information to make a decision. There is still air that this is speculative since there hasn't been an officially announcement. If it was true I'm forced to say that it's pretty idiotic to do a universal ban. If people are offended that focus the laws on that, and not limit the use in general. A great point is brought up about how cell phones and small cameras can already do the same. This is one of those things I'll look up on after the fact.
Here's a copy of the article.

Congratulations to Dec. MOTM - Maryn!

Wow it was a close race, and was still getting votes at the end. Over 100 people voted for December's model of the month, and the winner comes out to be Maryn with 47 final votes. Christina comes a close second at 45. Both rock it so everyone wins.

Because how close it is Maryn is Decembers MOTM (so check for an update Dec 1st or around than), and Christina will be January's MOTM.

Congratulations Maryn, and for everyone else her and I have a shoot coming up soon. So check for that.

Trent Chau Photography on Facebook

Trent Chau Photography is now on facebook. Check it out to get some crazy deals and also updates concerning my photography that are to short to fit on this blog.

Here are some crazy deals going on right now.

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